In this section you can find a more detailed explanation of the concepts used in the Jumpstarter project.
Testing HarnessThis is the physical device used to allow Jumpstarter interfacing into your hardware, one example of this is the dutlink-board which is an Open Hardware reference design for Jumpstarter. But other Testing Harnesses can exist.
DUTDevice Under Test: This is the device that you connect to your
Serial consoleEmbedded devices and most servers have one or multiple serial consoles. A serial console allows you to transmit and receive bytes via a TX and RX line (plus Ground), sometimes in RS-232 physical voltage levels, sometimes in digital voltage levels (i.e. 3.3v, 1.8v, etc..), most bootloaders, UEFI bios, and the kernel can communicate through a serial console. i.e. the kernel accepts the console parameter to let you direct the main kernel output and console, for example using the kernel parameter console=ttyS0,115200. In jumpstarter we use the console as a the main communication method to Edge devices, with the purpose of monitoring and automation
Last modified January 25, 2024: Rename jumpstarter board to DUTlink (febb291)