Welcome to the jumpstarter project

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Enabling Hardware in the Loop for Edge devices — in the datacenter, lab and development environment!

Jumpstarter helps you test your software stack in your hardware stack in CI/CD pipelines and streamline your development workflow. Where traditional cloud software has been testing this way for a long time now, testing software for edge devices has been a challenge, in many cases emulators for the hardware are not available , the GPU, the specific sensors, etc.

Jumpstarter helps you test your software in the real hardware, and eliminates the need for manual test operations.

Jumpstarter is a free and open source project, and is currently developed by Red Hat ET.

Automate testing

The jumpstarter scripting language will enable you to interact with the hardware in your test environment: power, reset, image flashing, serial console interaction, and more.

Contributions welcome!

We do a Pull Request contributions workflow on GitHub. New users are always welcome!

Open Hardware included

The jumpstarter project works with the dutlink-board, a small board that can be used to control the power and storage of your device under test.

But it is designed to allow other harware to work with the jumpstarter stack via a driver design.

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